7 Reasons Why Adopting A Pet Is Amazing

7 Reasons Why Adopting a Pet Is Amazing

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Joe and Dolly
Our Dogs 

The amount of happiness that our rescue dogs bring to our lives is off the charts. They have endless energy, and make us laugh every single day. They wake up in the mornings right along with us and are always eager to run out and play.  If you have been considering getting a pet, it’s a great idea.  And these are the 7 reasons why:

Number  1:  You Are Saving The Life of An Animal
Many pets are lost or left behind through no fault of their own.  They need our help and love
to live, survive and thrive.  There are thousands of animals euthanized annually, simply because shelters are over-crowded.  Many shelters just can’t supply all the money, food or resources for them.  In the ideal world, I wish it was possible for all shelters to be no-kill facilities.

Number  2:  Having A Pet Is Great For Your Health
It’s a known fact that animals are therapeutic for humans.  Study after  study shows that dogs help patients temporarily forget about their illness, and increase happiness.  Also, many prisons run dog training programs for well-behaved inmates, who benefit by working with them.  People with animals lowers blood pressure and lessens agitation.  See for yourself.  Take 20 minutes  of your day to go pet your dog, cow, pig, cat, or any furry you own.  You and your pet will be feeling great.  Read about the mental and physical health benefits here.  Ironically, as I was writing this post, our dog Joe stradled his front legs over mine as I sat!  I petted him and now it’s ten minutes later, and I feel better.
And There’s More…….

Number  3:  You Help Discontinue Daily Cruelty
Throughout the country, there are thousands of puppy and kitty mills.  They are commercial breeders producing millions of animals for sale annually.  They are in it solely for monetary gain, and could care less about our furry friends in their facilities.  Most of these animals are living in filthy, deplorable conditions, in small tight cages.   My eyes are tearing up just thinking about those little souls.  They are forced to produce litter after litter .  Then, after they are no longer profitable, they are destroyed.  Adopting an animal means you don’t support such cruel practices.

Number   4:  You Pay A Lot Less
It is often common to see hefty price tags over $800 and up past the thousands.  At a regular shelter, the average range is around $150 to a couple hundred.  Furthermore, you are receiving a healthy animal, with all the proper medical treatments already provided.

Number    5:  Above and Beyond Dogs and Cats
Dogs and cats usually grab the headlines.  However, there are many shelters that rescue all sorts of animals.  Maybe you are better suited for a turtle, a snake, or a goat.  Others would rather have a rabbit, a bird, a horse, or possibly want to adopt a cow or pig.   Best Friends  is located in Kanab, Utah and they have 1600 different kinds of pets to adopt.  To visit their site, please click here.

Number  6:  Animals Are Amazing Companions
Animals that come into our lives makes us richer as human beings.  They are just excited and happy to be around you.  Therefore, they are the sunshine in our lives to bring us joy, love and companionship.  They will also entertain and love you unconditionally.

Number  7:  Safe And Healthy
Finally, a shelter is an excellent place to acquire a healthy and safe animal.  The shelters main purpose is to save, tend to and revive lost animals.  They want to alleviate any pain and suffering these innocent creatures may have endured prior to rescue.  Then they adopt out to loving person’s or families.  So, in conclusion, I urge you to please adopt and never shop. 

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Dolly and Joe Making Us Laugh

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”―  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

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