A Small Bucket List Before I Croak

Things I’d Like To Do Before I croak
Death Croak Die Sunshine Bucket List
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I’m pretty sure you dream of doing things you’ve never done before.  And you want to do it all before climbing that golden staircase.  So many times it seems like you need an account the size of Warren Buffet’s in order to do so.  Just for the heck of it, I will include some of those big dreams on my-before-I-croak-list. And  who knows how life will turn out?  Just make your bucket list, have fun and dream big.

Number One:  Ziplining
Outdoors Zipline Ziplining Sports
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I am super nervous about attempting to zipline, but I think it would be a rush.  I would certainly be getting over a big fear of mine.  Many times you need to travel long distances just to find a zipline.  I happen to be lucky enough to live in the glorious state of Colorado, where ziplines are rampant.  

Number two:  Skiing
Skiing Outdoors Sports Snow Winter
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Just joking!   Ummmmmmmmmmmm.  NO!  I already tried skiing and was so terrible at it, I almost killed myself and other skiers.  When I was coming back up into one of the lift’s buildings I crashed into the back wall and fell down.  As I laid on my back, I said out loud, “If you don’t succeed, try try again, right?”  And someone said back, “In your case, I don’t know about that.”  So I skied and mostly sat down all the way to the bottom of the kiddie ski slope. And I never looked back……

Number 3  travelling in mobile home with my dogs and my man
Mobile Home Travels Living
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I always admire those who are able to freely travel and work while they travel.  Or just travel after they have retired.  I have always loved the great outdoors, and driving.   I think it would be so wonderful to experience this kind of lifestyle, at least for a little while.  

Number four:  Building our own tiny home from scratch
Tiny Homes Home Little House
Photo by Geran De Klerk of Upsplash

I don’t know how many times we’ve watched Kevin Coy and his lovely wife build a small home.  You can see them here.  They are amazing people and extremely informative.  I just think it would be exciting to get away from all the commercial consumption.  I believe you could live a much less stressful life, not complicated by everything. 

Number 5 and final bucket List:  Buy a huge piece of land and build a sanctuary for Farm and Rescue animals
Farm Animals Sanctuary Rescues
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And finally, this is where Warren Buffet’s income would come in handy.  It’s been a dream of mine to free animals from living a tortured existence.  I want them to be able to experience love and kindness as we all wish for in our lives.

What do you guys think?  What’s on your bucket list?  What are some of your dreams and goals prior to walking up that emerald boardwalk?  Please let me know.




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