Do You Have A Mouse In The House?

mouse mice presents
Image by Susannp4 of Pixabay
The past few days……

The past few days, our dog Dolly has been doing some serious investigation in the kitchen.  Here is a photo of her doing just that.

mouse dog kitchen present
Our dog Dolly doing an investigation

We kept hearing tiny little scratching noises, and wondered if it might be a mouse.  Our other dog Joe really wasn’t interested in doing all the work.  But, Dolly’s Blue Tick Coon Hound nose was more than sufficient to seek out our secret little intruder.  

The plight of the fries

So,  my significant other baked up a huge batch of french fries.  Crunchy on the outside, and warm, soft and tender on the inside.  He let them cool under the light on the stove top while we continued watching the series Nurse Jackie.  

Then it happened…….

The mouse waited patiently until both our dogs were quietly snoozing.  We heard a little noise, and looked into the kitchen.  The little guy was perched up on the edge of the pizza pan like the edge of a diving board.  Standing, he clutched a long french fry upright in his tiny little fingers.  Our little buddy gnawed every savory bite like this stuff is way better than peanut butter!!   We appropriately named our new hungry friend, Ratatouille.

No kill zone

Before becoming vegan,  I used to get the traps, and sprays and all that other toxic stuff.  Now I am committed to making our home, a no kill zone.  There are lots of ways to deter little creatures without killing them.  Just google it and you’ll find tons of ways.  Mice can be prevented easily by peppermint oil, and or pepper.  And keeping your home relatively clean helps a lot too.  Looking back, I now think, “Who would want to kill these cute little emotional animals with magical pink ears?”  

Hoping you enjoyed this article, and until next time, have a beautiful day!

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