Why Do We Eat Furry and Feathered Friends?

It is the year 2019………

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Is there such a thing as compassion anymore?

Yes….it’s the year 2019 and we are still eating our furry and feathered friends. Why? Think about it. We have been conditioned and programmed our entire lives to eat LIVING, EMOTIONAL BEINGS. These innocent animals are forced to live in disgusting unnatural conditions from the moment they are born. Then, after living (if that’s what you call it) they are brought to torturous and terrifying deaths. We, I suppose, don’t see their soulful eyes on our plates as we eat their dead carcasses.

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Here is the sole reason: money

It’s all a vicious horrific cycle, that continues and beyond. And the people in power KNOW they are not doing the right thing. The following is the list of the cycle.

  • Innocent animals are bred and raised.
  • Healthy and sick defenseless animals are tortured and killed.
  • Dead, decapitated, dissected bodies are packaged pretty and neatly in the grocery stores and labelled nicely with things like “pork chops,” “ham,” “bacon,” “summer sausages,” and so forth. Do you think we’d buy packages of meat labelled “This was an innocent living animal with eyes, but we chose to kill and mutilate it, so you can eat it, and we can make a ton of money off of you?” I doubt it.
  • Uninformed and programmed (I am guilty of being one of these consumers for much of my life) people purchase these dead animals for consumption.
  • These people get sick and die prematurely. They get hosts of unimaginable auto-immune diseases and other illnesses. To name a few would be cancer, diabetes type 1 and 2, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, psoriasis, and the list goes on and on.
  • Then, people face no other choice, but to go to the doctors and hospitals to get help.
  • The doctors continue to load us up with highly expensive procedures and medications. So now, we have bought the dead animals to get sick, and continue to spend all our money on medications and treatments, instead of preventing it all in the first place.
  • The hateful/murderous livestock and agriculture industry thrives. Healthcare (I call it Deathcare), doctors, lawyers, and pharmaceutical companies become ultra wealthy.
  • We, as consumers get sick and spend all our money to these companies, and continue to have an over all feeling of unwellness.

How can we change this cycle, so all living beings are happy?

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Photo by sebpowen of Pixabay

There is so much we can do to change this terrible haunting deadly cycle. The following are things we can do:

  • Don’t succumb to wasting your money by giving it to the rich by buying dead, tortured animals with eyes products. Simply put, stay away from the meat cemeteries in grocery stores.
  • Eat as much plant based whole foods as you can. Here is one of my all time favorite websites that has millions of plant-based recipes.

It’s called “One Green Planet” and can be found by clicking here.

  • Visit factory farms to see the disgust of it all.
  • Then visit a farm sanctuary where you can pet the furry and feathered friends that you didn’t kill and consume second hand.
  • Find compassion for animals! They deserve love, as we all do.
  • Be healthy, and don’t need to go to the doctors.
  • Get off your meds by eating as much plant based as you can.
  • Watch vegan and vegetarian health documentaries. You can find an extensive list if you go to my resources page.

You can also watch “Called to Rescue,” a beautiful documentary on those who save lives.

In conclusion…………

I grew up on a farm, and I know just how difficult it is to make a change in your lifestyle and emotional health, just by eating what is healthy for you. It’s taken me almost 7 years to transition into a 99.9 percent plant-based regimen. Just try one step at a time. Instead of making chili with ground beef, try substituting the meat with Beyond meat beefless crumbles. Drink a delicious chocolate smoothie with a plant-based milk for breakfast, rather than what I call a cholesterol-filled death breakfast with bacon and eggs. It’s hard but very doable for the health of your own body and for the compassion for this world’s innocent, beautiful animals.

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