Benefits of a Plant Based Lifestyle

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The benefits of a plant based lifestyle are so much fun! And, accordingly, completely healthy for you! It’s the year 2020 and people are now aware, more than ever, that eating whole food plant based is a great thing! There are now so many wonderful inspirational documentaries available for breakthroughs to great health.

Much more energy!

When you incorporate mostly or solely plants into your body, you begin to feel an entirely different aura within yourself. Your mood elevates, and you start to feel happier about everything. Any negativity decreases, and you don’t feel like sleeping anymore during the day. The days of eating plates full of highly processed foods and taking naps is over. Here you will find a great article regarding energy, by Olivia Petter.

Weight Gain or Loss

Consuming dead animal carcasses and animal by products ravages your health and your mind. I used to scarf down plates loaded with processed and extremely unhealthy foods.

  • Pigs *pork chops *bacon *pigs feet *spare ribs *ham *pork roast *hotdogs
  • Cows *burgers *steaks *prime rib *chuck roast *cow tongue(yes…even cow tongue.) *skirt steak *brisket
  • Calves *creatively called veal for marketing purposes…….uggh. To think I used to eat baby cows makes me gag. Actually, this whole list disgusts me as I write.
  • Chicken *livers *hearts *legs *breast *wings *claws *gallbladders I was taught at the age of 7 to slice chickens throats, hold them upside down, until they bled out, and then boil and butcher them.
  • Duck *legs *breast *wings
  • Geese *legs *breast *wings
  • Frogs *frog legs
  • Rabbits/Squirrels *I was taught how to shoot them with a 12 gage gun at an early age to make soup.
  • Dairy *cheese *sour cream *cream cheese *cows milk *goats milk *butter *margarine *yogart *ice cream

Eggs *eggs from various poultry

And also…..

On top of that, I regularly consumed junk food packaged neatly in pretty wrappings loaded with harmful chemicals. Ingredient lists were so long, many of the items were unrecognizable. The best foods are the foods that don’t have an ingredient list! One of the most informative documentaries I’ve seen is entitled, “Foods That Cure Disease” (2018) featuring Craig McMahon and major authorities regarding plant based foods. You can rent it on Amazon Prime Videos for 99 cents, or it’ll hopefully be on Netflix soon.

Original photo by skeeze of Pixabay

As a result of watching this film, my partner Wayne and I made the plant based lasagna created by Craig McMahon just last night. Unbelievably, it was by far, the best tasting lasagna we ever enjoyed. A photo of this wonderful dish is below.

So, after years of ongoing research into plant based foods, and incorporating them into my diet, I lost almost 100 pounds. Furthermore, if you need to gain weight, the following documentary is an excellent example of vegan athletes that have prospered. It’s called the “Game Changers” and you can view it on Netflix.

Now, I no longer feel guilty about consuming a plate full of dead grey tortured animals. Feeling joy with every single bite, is phenomenal for the mind.

Better Complexion

Indulging in plants practically eliminates inflammation in your body. Consequently, this reduces infection and allows rashes and sores to dissipate. Unfortunately, I personally don’t have any photos of myself to prove it to you, but my skin cleared up dramatically becoming vegan. Inserted below, you can catch a glimpse of revamp of Ryan Adams.

Gas, bloating, stomach issues subside

After being on a natural whole food regimen for a short time (let’s say about one month) terrible painful gas and stomach issues subside. I can attest to this and you can view this wonderful video by Body Hub here. He explains this exact topic. You can also read the great comments underneath the video as people substantiate the benefits of veganism.

You Can Eat As Much As You Want!

There is a endless array of whole plant based foods with which you can partake. These foods are colorful, energizing and tasty. You can find an excellent video of testimonials here on the benefits. The video is called “What I Eat In A Day.” You may also view an amazing extensive list of vegan friendly groceries, written by Anisha Jhaveri.

Photo by stokpic of Pixabay

Finally, it’s awesome to know you are able to eat limitless amounts of WPBF (whole plant based foods) and you won’t gain an ounce. Or, if you need to gain weight, these foods will build your muscles to become stronger than you’ve ever been.

Congrats to you if you are reading this article, considering a plant based system to develop for yourself.

Until next post, happy eating and have a GREAT DAY TODAY!

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