Heavy Meat Eater Considering Plant Based Foods?

Want to Eat More PlANT BAsed Foods?plant based veggies vegetables foods

It can be difficult for any meat eater to know where to start when it comes to eating plant based foods.  Especially if you hate veggies on top of it.   I know it was very difficult for me, and I actually always liked vegetables.  It turned out to be a fun, but difficult journey. 

Living a plant based lifestyle is becoming easier and easier all the time.  There are so many new brands to try.  For meat eaters who hate veggies, you can try substituting Beyond Meat.  I personally tried their new Beyond Burger and it was very good.  It tastes and looks like a regular burger.  You can listen to tons of reviews on You Tube.

Beyond Burger Vegan Protein foods
The Beyond Burger

This wonderful company also carries many other items.  I have personally used their feisty beef crumbles for tacos or spaghetti sauce.  And used their regular beef crumbles for making beef stroganoff.  They make tasty substitutions.  Therefore  just swap out regular animal meat with them, and you will help save an innocent animal’s life. 

As a former heavy meat eater I know it’s very hard, so I took it slowly and went vegetarian first.  Then, much later I became vegan.  Actually, two of the things I stopped eating about half the way into my journey was mayonaise and butter.  There are two great substitutions that I highly recommend.  The mayo is from Follow Your Heart  and is called Vegenaise.  The butter I buy is from the company Earth Balance and to me, tastes better than butter made from animals.   

Some Recipes to try for Meat eaters who hate veggies.

Mac and Cheese Vegan Mac and Cheese Tasty Delicious foodsYou can get the recipe from Lindsay here.

Pasta BologneseBolognese Pasta Tasty Vegan foodsYou can get the recipe from Jennifer here.

Beef StroganoffBeef Stroganoff Vegan Tasty Protein foodsYou can get the recipe from Catherine here.

 ChiliChili Vegetarian Vegan Crumbles Protein foodsYou can get the recipe from Corey here.

Tacostaco veggies vegan tacos protein beef crumbles foodsYou can find the recipe by Kosmic Blues here.

So, in conclusion, there are many products now available for meat eaters to introduce more plant based foods.   Try just swapping out animal protein in just one dish a week.  It’s a healthy way to help you get started on your plant based path.  Have fun! 

Disclaimer:  I am currently not endorsed by any of the companies mentioned in this article.

10 Inspiring Websites That Changed My Life


Health Minimalism Vegan Hope Inspiring
Photo by Elke Karin Lugert on Upsplash

10 Inspiring Websites And People Who Changed My Life

This is the inspiring list and the reasons I chose them.  I like them all equally, in their own ways, so I listed them randomly.

 1.  Zen Habits by Leo Babauta

Leo Babauta is a minimalist, vegan, author and very inspiring.  His website is very minimalistic, calming and he provides a ton of inspiring information.  You can visit his website here.

2.  One Green Planet by co-founders Nil Zacharias & Preeta Sinha

One Green Planet has an extensive format.  They also have many great contributors to the site with everything from vegan recipes, helping to rescue animals, and life strategies in general. Unfortunately I was unable to create a link due to a glitch. However,  if you type in www.onegreenplanet.org you should have no problem finding it.

 3.  Change.org 

Change.org is simply a platform to help change the world for the better.  You can build a petition, or sign petitions.  And they have already had tons of signed petition victories.  You can visit the website here.

 4.  Olives for Dinner by Erin

Erin is a super creative vegan providing us all with her wonderful, innovative recipes and photos of the dishes.  You can visit her website here.

 5.  Adaptt by Gary Yourofsky

Gary is an aggressive animal activist.  I relate to him personally because he grew up in the Midwest as well.  Some people find him too out-spoken but I love his candor and honesty.  You can visit his website here.

6.  Mad Cowboy Howard Lyman

Former Montana cattle rancher turned vegan and food safety activist.  I hope he motivates you too!  I could not find an active website, but you can see his documentary here.

7.  Create N Plate by Amanda Smith

Amanda is highly creative and develops her own plant-based recipes.  Many of her plant based desserts are chocolate and super delish.  And it’s fun to just follow her on her journey, including beautiful photos.  You can visit her website here.

8.  Hope For Paws founded by Audrey and Eldad Hagar

Hope For Paws is an animal rescue.  They have tons of inspiring rescue videos on You Tube and you can visit their website here.

9.  Megan Elizabeth

Megan Elizabeth is a vegan who transformed her own life.  She is downright funny and has many valuable videos on You Tube.  One of the first ones I ever watched is hysterical and can be found here. She is currently building her new website, but you can find it here.

10.  The Humane Society of The United States

Finally, The Humane Society, as all of us probably knows, has rescue facilities all over the country to help rescue ill animals and lost pets and then help find them loving homes.  They also help all sorts of wildlife and you can visit their website here.

In closing I would like to say, every one of these people and websites helped me learn to live a more inspiring lifestyle. I hope you enjoy and experience that one person can really make a positive difference and change the lives of so many.



How To Incorporate Plant Based Foods Into Your Diet

Plant Based Foods  

Vegan Fruits Veggies Vegetables Veganism Healthy Plant-based
Photo by Jannis Brandt of Unsplash

How To Incorporate Plant Based Foods Into Your Diet
Starting Out
  A whole-food, plant based diet is centered on whole, unrefined, or minimally refined plants. It’s a diet based on fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and legumes; and it excludes meat, dairy products, and eggs.  When I first started my plant-based journey I had no idea what to eat and not eat.  So, I started in bits and pieces, and incorporated one item into my food list.  The first item I swapped out was cow’s milk. 

After watching Gary Yourofsky’s Best Speech You Will Ever Hear    I learned a lot about cow’s milk and how calves are taken away from their mother’s as soon as they are birthed.  Many of them are tossed into the backs of trucks and hauled away to be butchered for veal.  And the poor mother’s are tormented by the loss of their babies almost immediately.  And the USDA allows  millions of pus cells per one liter of cow’s milk.  Yes, you heard me right……pus.  You can read more about this here.

So, instead of consuming an animal mother’s milk,  I researched plant based milks.  Some of the more common milks include soy, almond, cashew, coconut, and most are readily available in grocery stores now.   So I purchased a carton of So Delicious Unsweetened Cashew Milk and my first test was pouring it on some cereal.  It tasted a bit different from dairy milk, however, it tasted very good.  I continued buying and consuming it.  As my taste buds adjusted,  I was repulsed by the thought of drinking dairy milk ever again. 

Since So Delicious plant based milk was good, I tried their chocolate milk, and I liked it way more than animal chocolate milk.  Therefore, my next logical So Delicious encounter was their Salted Caramel Cluster Cashew Milk Ice Cream.   It was some of the best ice cream I have ever tasted in my life.  I have since tried many other of their non-dairy ice creams, and they all exceeded my expectations.  

As time went on, I slowly stopped purchasing dead, and tortured animals for my consumption.  I gave up eating pigs first. Then I discontinued eating cows.  Seafood was the last to go.  Then bye bye to eggs.  The hardest and the last animal product to go was cheese, as cheese was my favorite.  I finally did it though, and am thoroughly excited to try So Delicious’s new non- dairy cheese products.

The road to becoming a plant based eater was not easy.  It took me five long years to stop consuming dairy, animal carcasses, and eggs.  For many people, they can watch just one food and health documentary, and transform their lives overnight.  Click here for Resources Page to see list of recommended documentaries.    So, if you can, just start by swapping out just one product and go from there.  You’ll start having more energy, lose weight, feel lighter and happier.  

In conclusion, the plant based industry is on an astronomical incline.  There are countless new items arriving at your grocery stores daily.  Some you can order online.  And many animal loving companies are reaching out to people to ask what products we want, so we can have compassion for our animals and earth. 

Disclaimer:  I am currently not endorsed by any companies in this post. 



7 Reasons Why Adopting A Pet Is Amazing

7 Reasons Why Adopting a Pet Is Amazing

Pet Dog Pet Rescue Animals Animal
Dog Rescue Pets Animals
Dogs Pets Rescue Pets Animals Canines
Joe and Dolly
Our Dogs 

The amount of happiness that our rescue dogs bring to our lives is off the charts. They have endless energy, and make us laugh every single day. They wake up in the mornings right along with us and are always eager to run out and play.  If you have been considering getting a pet, it’s a great idea.  And these are the 7 reasons why:

Number  1:  You Are Saving The Life of An Animal
Many pets are lost or left behind through no fault of their own.  They need our help and love
to live, survive and thrive.  There are thousands of animals euthanized annually, simply because shelters are over-crowded.  Many shelters just can’t supply all the money, food or resources for them.  In the ideal world, I wish it was possible for all shelters to be no-kill facilities.

Number  2:  Having A Pet Is Great For Your Health
It’s a known fact that animals are therapeutic for humans.  Study after  study shows that dogs help patients temporarily forget about their illness, and increase happiness.  Also, many prisons run dog training programs for well-behaved inmates, who benefit by working with them.  People with animals lowers blood pressure and lessens agitation.  See for yourself.  Take 20 minutes  of your day to go pet your dog, cow, pig, cat, or any furry you own.  You and your pet will be feeling great.  Read about the mental and physical health benefits here.  Ironically, as I was writing this post, our dog Joe stradled his front legs over mine as I sat!  I petted him and now it’s ten minutes later, and I feel better.
And There’s More…….

Number  3:  You Help Discontinue Daily Cruelty
Throughout the country, there are thousands of puppy and kitty mills.  They are commercial breeders producing millions of animals for sale annually.  They are in it solely for monetary gain, and could care less about our furry friends in their facilities.  Most of these animals are living in filthy, deplorable conditions, in small tight cages.   My eyes are tearing up just thinking about those little souls.  They are forced to produce litter after litter .  Then, after they are no longer profitable, they are destroyed.  Adopting an animal means you don’t support such cruel practices.

Number   4:  You Pay A Lot Less
It is often common to see hefty price tags over $800 and up past the thousands.  At a regular shelter, the average range is around $150 to a couple hundred.  Furthermore, you are receiving a healthy animal, with all the proper medical treatments already provided.

Number    5:  Above and Beyond Dogs and Cats
Dogs and cats usually grab the headlines.  However, there are many shelters that rescue all sorts of animals.  Maybe you are better suited for a turtle, a snake, or a goat.  Others would rather have a rabbit, a bird, a horse, or possibly want to adopt a cow or pig.   Best Friends  is located in Kanab, Utah and they have 1600 different kinds of pets to adopt.  To visit their site, please click here.

Number  6:  Animals Are Amazing Companions
Animals that come into our lives makes us richer as human beings.  They are just excited and happy to be around you.  Therefore, they are the sunshine in our lives to bring us joy, love and companionship.  They will also entertain and love you unconditionally.

Number  7:  Safe And Healthy
Finally, a shelter is an excellent place to acquire a healthy and safe animal.  The shelters main purpose is to save, tend to and revive lost animals.  They want to alleviate any pain and suffering these innocent creatures may have endured prior to rescue.  Then they adopt out to loving person’s or families.  So, in conclusion, I urge you to please adopt and never shop. 

Pets, Rescues, Dogs, Animals
Dolly and Joe Making Us Laugh

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”―  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

If you’d like to view artwork gallery, please click here.


How To Practice The Art Of Gratitude

The Art Of Gratitude

Gratitude Give Thanks Appreciate
Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

Honestly, how to practice the art of gratitude stumped me for a long time.  Especially when I was younger.  In addition, I never thought I had enough and always wanted more and consumed more.  But the fact is I never needed more than everything I already had.  

Slowly, and over time, I began to appreciate every single thing in my life, and have become a much less stressed person because of it.  Twenty years ago my beautiful, giving mother Helen gave me a book for my birthday.  This book drastically changed my thinking and in turn, my life.  The book is called Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach and looks like this:
Therefore, I highly recommend giving this book to someone else as it is very transformational.  Sarah wrote the book in a way that is easy to navigate.  The chapters focus on things you can be grateful for each month of the year and has hundreds of inspirational quotes.

Sunrise, Sun Rising Nature Beauty
Sunrise by Julie Zbornik

Every morning I take our doggies Joe and Dolly outside.  I look and listen closely to the sounds of nature.  Consequently I am in awe that every single day the sun rises in a slightly different place.  The clouds are never the same.  The sky is always a vast array of beautiful colors.  Also, you never know if you will see some gorgeous wildlife, like deer, bears, coyotes, or racoons.  And all the glorious birds singing to their heart’s content.  

So now, every day when I wake up and am outdoors, I recite 5 things for which I am grateful.  Some of the things I am thankful for are as follows;  Clean drinking water.  Our funny dogs who always make us laugh.  Food in our fridge.  Just being able to walk outside. And so fortunate to be able to see and hear the sounds and sights of nature. You can find a list of 31 things to be grateful for here.

Finally, showing gratitude daily gives us the opportunity to open up and embrace ourselves and others with a new perspective.  Peter Economy wrote a great article about the proven benefits of gratitude and you can read his post here.  If you want to learn more, Lisa Valentine has a beautiful gratitude blog called “Habitual Gratitude” you can find here.

ALways carry gratitude with you.
Gratitude Grateful Give Thanks
Quote by Barry Neil Kaufman

Here I Am As An Artist In The Blogging World

Stepping Into The Blogging World 

blogging artist artwork blog world
Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Are there other artists out there besides me who have bloggerphobia?  The sheer thought of exposing myself in the blogging world is terrifying.   Sometimes as creative artists we have extreme writer’s block when it comes to blogging.  We know how to create, but we have no idea what to write about.  And that is the case with me.

The truth is I procrastinated starting a blog for the longest time.  I didn’t know what to expect or even how to get started.  All of it seemed daunting, difficult, and overwhelming.  There are countless number of blogs online but how were all these brilliant people doing this?  All the new things to learn for technically dysfunctional people like myself to build a new website.  Foreign words I had seen and heard before but no clue how to institute them.  Words that are simple and well known by the technological geniuses.  Learning the ins and outs of each one takes time in itself.  Easy words that contain a ton of information.  Words like cache, domains, hosting, html, SEO, plugins are all quite daunting.  And forget about coding!  I have serious admiration for those who have the knowledge to code.

So, I finally decided the best approach to beginning a blog was to be proactive and take the plunge and dive right in. 

Blogging Dive in Take the plunge Just do it
Photo by Carl Cerstrand on Upsplash

 It’s intimidating and slightly scary to say the least.  However I found that doing something is better than doing nothing.  You will never know if something is good or bad unless you take the chance.  And I discovered the more new things you learn and practice, a new skill becomes easier over time. You can read about some of the benefits of learning new skills here.

“An ant on the move does more than a dozing ox.” ~ Lao Tzu