Wishing You All An Amazing 2018

Happy 2018 New Year's Day
Photo by Julie Zbornik
Happy 2018

I would like to wish you a beautiful, happy and healthy 2018!  But, first, I’d like to give you an update on our little Ratatouille friend.  If you recall, he was perched up eating a french fry on our stove top.  Well,  I purchased some essential peppermint oil, and placed it strategically on cotton balls.  Haven’t seen him since, so hopefully he’s moved on to another safe place. 

goodbye 2017

Many of you may have experienced different amazing things.  Like a birth in your family.  Or, a newly married family member.  Perhaps you learned a new past time, or got a new career.  You might have traveled to your dream destination.  Or become more spiritual.  So many endless possibilities for good things that happened.  

On the other hand, maybe some of you experienced the loss of a loved one.  Or had some type of surgery, accident, or illness that caused a hospital stay, or ongoing treatments.  Others might have had a devastating fire in their living quarters.  Tragedy and pain strikes when we least expect it.  

A few things that stick out in my mind

Looking back at the year 2017, some of the things that impacted our lives personally are as follows:

1.  My dear sister Cathy, at the young age of 54, passed away.  It devastated me, and I was in “a fog” for several months.

2.  We needed to replace the entire roof of our home.  The 101 mile an hour Chinook wind gusts destroyed it within a few hours on January ninth.  

3.  My partner, Wayne, almost lost his right eye.  In June, he slept in his contacts one night, and therefore, received a corneal abrasion.  His eye specialist said had we not come in that day that he would have most likely gone blind.  He’s had to apply expensive eye drops, and his eye is STILL healing as I write this.

4.  I tripped over our dog Dolly in early March and broke my elbow.  I’m so grateful now to have both arms to use everyday.  After many hours of therapy, and casts,  I’m happy to say, it’s healed.  

So, happy 2018

It’s the start of an entirely new year.  Every minute of each day is important for all to be happy and in the moment.  We can’t always control those random, unexpected things in our lives.  But we can take the time to always try to stay positive,  and choose how to live happily in the present.  

So, Happy New Year 2018 everyone, and until next time, be safe and be happy!