Some Common Ailments You May Have Suffered

Common ailments You may have suffered
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Fairly common ailments

There are so unbelievably many ailments that people have suffered through.  So, I thought I’d break it down to ones I’ve encountered personally.  I’ve had these medical conditions over the course of my life thus far.  And I will try to explain each one I experienced.  Please keep in mind 75% of these afflictions came about when I was a heavy meat and dairy eater.  I was morbidly obese weighing 240 lbs, when my ideal weight is 165 pounds.  Perhaps some of you can relate, and have gone through these yourself.  Read on to see.  I have a pain-o-meter scale for each from 1 to 10.  One is on the minor pain side and ten for the most critically severe pain.

1.  Bladder infections

I am the master of bladder infections.  The infections started when I was just a little girl and intermittently continued all the way into my thirties.  In fact, I had so many, that I became immune to any antibiotics prescribed to me.   The symptoms are painful urination,  stinging and burning, and the constant feeling you need to pee.  And, occasionally blood in the toilet.  You can read about bladder infections here.  Pain-O-Meter reading:  4

2.  Ringworm

This nice fungus I received as a child.  It showed up like a round “worm-like” (hence the name, ringworm) area on my arm.  I can only recall some major itching and Mom applying some sort of medicated cream.  You can read more about it here.  Pain-O-Meter reading:  1

3.  Poison Ivy Rash

This one I brought on myself.  My mother told me to wear pants when we went into the woods to hunt morel mushrooms.  I wore shorts like an idiot.  The itching will drive you insane.  More about this type of rash here.  Pain-O-Meter reading:  3

4.  Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis/Hypothyroidism

This disease is still currently haunting me.  But since I’ve lost a lot of weight since I was first diagnosed I’m managing.  In the beginning the symptoms were horrible.  I was fatigued beyond fatigued constantly.  My periods lasted 2 full weeks.  My hands and toes were numb.  I was fat as hell, and continuously lethargic.  My brain was in a serious fog, which led to all sorts of other things.  Hair was falling out, and I was always freezing!  To read more about these diseases, please click here.  Pain-O-Meter when first diagnosed:  9  Pain-O-Meter management now:  2

5.  Depression

Because I was so lethargic constantly, the only thing I ever wanted to do was lay down and sleep.  Had zero energy.  Didn’t want to talk to anyone.  Cried a lot.  Slept a lot.  Zombied around a lot.  Never went anywhere for a very long time.  Let me know what you think, but I think most depressed people don’t even know it when it arrives.  You can read more about this terrible condition here.  Pain-O-Meter reading:  Not sure

6.  Migraines

I’ve known countless individuals who have had migraines.  They are no fun at all, are they?  When they strike, you KNOW it!  If the phone rings it sounds like 20 children shrieking at the top of their lungs.  You can’t even manage to look out a window, because of extreme sensitivity to light.  You just want to lay down under the darkness of the covers.  Here you can read more.  Pain-O-meter reading:  Varies from 5-10

7.  sunburn with blisters

Again, my fault.  Rode bike all day long in sweltering heat and sun, in a bikini.  My entire back was beet red and within hours the blisters were everywhere.  It’s very difficult to want to put on clothes,and very hard to sleep or even move properly.  If I recall correctly, it took two to three weeks to get back to normal.  Read about sunburns here.  Pain-O-Meter 9

8.  strep throat

I’ve had strep throat many times in my life.  I recall one time, I was very broke, and had to walk six miles in 90 degree weather.  I was lethargic, super achy, and had to sit down quite often on the way there.  My body was on fire.  I had 103 temperature.  I could not swallow due to all the white patches and pus in my throat.  When I did swallow, each time is very painful.  It is exhausting.  More info on it here Pain-O-Meter reading 10

9.  whiplash

Everyone knows what whiplash is.  Got one in a car accident a few years back.  Not too much pain, but you’re wearing a neck brace for about 6 weeks along with meds.  Read more here.  Pain-O-Meter reading 2

10.  sciatica

This one definitely came about due to me being fiercely over weight.  This is a sharp, intense nerve pain that extends from your spine, buttock and down your leg.  It’s literally very difficult to walk with no substantial pain.  Just standing up is an accomplishment.  You can read more about sciatic nerve here Pain-O-Meter reading 9

11. seasonal Allergies

It’s scary when you find it difficult to breath.  The signs usually come about when there is high tree or grass pollen counts.  I feel terrible for those with asthma, as they deal with this hell, almost every day.  Learn more about seasonal allergies here.  Pain-O-Meter reading:  10 when rushed to the hospital cause you can’t breath.  A 2 otherwise.

12.  bronchitis

I chose bronchitis next, because it’s very similar to number eleven.  With bronchitis, you cough, and cough and cough and cough some more, without any relief.  It’s a deep cough that comes from your gut.  And the mucous that comes with it, is discolored and disgusting.  Read here about bronchitis.  Pain-O-Meter reading 3

13.  Pink eye

Pink eye is more uncomfortable than painful.  Your eye is red.  It itches, and mucous secrets.  Read about pink eye here.  Pain-O-Meter reading:  1

14.  Flared hemorrhoids/Proctitis

Hemorrhoids are super common, but I had no idea how painful they can be.  So, those who have them, I feel your suffering.  Proctitis is an inflammation of the rectum.  It’s difficult to explain.  It’s a terribly uncomfortable constant pressure in that area.  During and after a bowel movement, it takes all you got to get into a hot bath.  You can read about hemorrhoids here and proctitis here.  Pain-O-Meter reading 8-9

15.  broken elbow

I tripped over one of our doggies and came down real hard flat on my right hand.  After several therapy, doctor visits and casts, it finally healed.  The only difficult part is you can’t drive, and doing daily work is nearly impossible.  You have to type with one hand.  Also, it takes a couple months to heal properly.  Read about broken elbows here.  Pain-O-Meter reading:  10 initial fall,  4 for movement

16.  my all time favorite:  Anal Fissure

Anal fissures are extremely painful and I personally feel horrible for anyone whose had the joy to get them.  Sometimes they can heal themselves, and other’s, like mine, require surgery.  I recall laughing in the surgery room, because about 6 people had a direct view of my ass.  Instantly, I knew when it happened.  My constipation was like moving a watermelon through a pinhole.  Pushed hard taking a bm, and it hurt so bad, I thought I saw God looking at me.  When I was finally able to stand, there was a 1/2 inch line of blood on my stool.  This pain disables you completely.  Every single time you stool, it literally feels like you’re passing razor blades. You are completely terrified to use the bathroom, so you don’t eat.  My physician prescribed Nitroglycerin Cream to apply.  I lovingly called it my “bomb” ointment.  The cream helps you relax, but also gives you a massive headache, and dizziness.  It is difficult to focus on anything, but the pain.  Read here Pain-O-Meter reading:  25  Ouch!!!

In Conclusion

I wish I knew a long time ago, all about the ailments that came my way. Do you think pre-preventative measures can go a long way in stopping this pain from ravaging our bodies?  Most all of these problems could have been avoided.  And I truly believe  so many of them were due to eating dairy and dead animal carcasses, and being severely overweight.  I’m hoping this article helps you prevent them from happening to you.  Like so many posts I’ve read:  Be active/exercise,  eat tons of fruits and veggies,  and listen to what your body is telling you.

Until next time, much love and hope you have a great day!