Our Story About The High Chinook Winds

Chinook Chinook Winds Foothills
Photo by Katie Barrett of Unsplash
chinook winds in the rockies

It was January 9,  2017, and the Chinook Winds took us by surprise.  We live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and that day the volatile Chinook Winds blew with brute force.  It was very scary.  We are so fortunate our manufactured home withstood such magnetic wind speeds.  Later, I read in the N.O.R.A.D News the winds gusted up to 101 mph.

That day 

The day started out fairly quiet, and around 2 p.m. the winds suddenly increased at a substantial rate.  Our wood fence around our home was swaying, conforming, and buckling to every wind gust and turn.  Our windows and doors were shaking powerfully, ready to explode inward at any moment.  Large, strong trees were literally bending at 90 degree angles. 

Winds Chinook Winds Dogs Joe Dolly
Photo by Julie Zbornik
Our Dogs

Joe and Dolly, our poor dogs were terrified of the noise.  We tried our best to keep them safe in a room with less windows, and less commotion.  As we kept watch from the inside, debris was continuously flying past us.  Pieces of skirting from people’s homes.  Garbage cans.  All sorts of trash.  Small lumber parts.  Ornaments left from X-mas time. 

Neighbors roof

Next thing you know,  our neighbor’s roof had peeled back,  and rose up in the air.  It was still attached, but the winds force was so mighty the peeled back section was standing in upright position.  My boyfriend helped the neighbors pull the roof back down and temporarily nail it to the side of their home.   It was horrifying to witness.  That particular roof is made of sharp tin.  I watched, terrified that one of their heads might be sliced right off.  I thanked God nothing like that happened and they were all alright.

Power outage

Then the power went out……for three full days.  No heat, 30 degrees,  fridge filled with spoiled food.  Of course, these three days, we were very grateful for canned, non-perishable food, and warm clothing.  We heard through the grapevine semi-trailers and high profile vehicles were tipped and scattered everywhere on the roads.  

When you face these conditions it can be challenging and scary to say the least.  Now,  I really feel terrible for all the people who endured the recent catastrophic hurricanes in the south.  They have suffered tremendously and therefore, I commend them highly for their continuous courage.  

You can read the news coverage about this January 9, 2017 wind event in Colorado, by clicking the link here.

Finally, until next time,  have a joyous and beautiful day!