10 Things To Know Before Moving To Colorado Springs

Colorado Colorful Mountains Views Outdoors
Photo by Julie Zbornik

If you are a reader of my posts,  you know I am from the Midwest and moved to Colorado Springs a few years ago.  Everyone knows it’s home to the grandiose Pike’s Peak.  But, these are the many other things I’ve learned about the city, since then.  

10 Things I Didn’t know about colorado springs

1.  Unless you are driving in the mountains themselves,  there’s really no need for a GPS.  You know your directions just by where the mountains are.  Look at the mountains and you’re looking west.  Turn left, you’re going south.  Facing right is the north.  However,  I faced major issues on the days when it is very foggy outside.   There ARE no mountains on these days!

2.  Colorado itself has very forward thinkers

A.)  As most people are aware,  Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational use of marijuana.  Yeah!!  Apparently people love this new law, since the state of CO has made billions of dollars in revenue from it.  As a result the entire state is more relaxed and non-combative now!   

B.)  The people here are constantly coming up with new ideas to help others feel better and be more efficient.  They are in the process of developing the Hyperloop reaching from Fort Collins all the way to Pueblo, CO.

Colorado Food Expensive
Photo by Leonie Wise of Unsplash
3.  The food is more expensive

One of the downsides to living here, is the cost of food.  In the Midwest the major grocery chains are HyVee, Fareway and Aldi Stores.  Here,  the 3 major stores for food are Walmart,  Safeway, and King Soopers.  I have found that food prices over all are quite a bit higher compared to the Midwest.

Colorado Mosquitos Dry Air
Photo by Manlake Gabriel of Unsplash
4.  The air is very dry

Mosquitoes are rare here.  Living in the Midwest, my boyfriend and I had to leave our barbeque and park we visited.  There was a dark cloud of mosquitoes attacking us in swarms.  We had to get away or our bodies would have resembled two large blown up pimples.  Out here in Colorado Springs,  the air is dry and humidity is low.  The only little creatures you need to think about are the spiders and the moths in the fall time.

Colorado Dogs Dog Parks Parks Play
Photo by Mitchell Orr of Unsplash
5.  Serious dog and animal lovers

Colorado Springs has a serious love for animals, especially dogs.  Every single person or family out here owns one or several rescue dogs.  And The Springs is notorious for dog parks for dogs to play and run in free of leashes.  Bear Creek Regional Park,  Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park and many others.

6.  Weather is very unpredictable

That’s the saying out here. “Wait for 5 minutes and the weather will change.”  It’s very true.  One morning we could have a raging ice/storm and by the afternoons everything is melted and warm.  The temps can change by 40 degrees from one day to the next.  It could be 65 degrees one day in December, and the next could have a high of only 30 degrees.  And in the foothills, many times there are very high winds called Chinook Winds.    We experienced the 100 mph gusts of these winds in January 2017.  Needless to say, we had to repair our entire roof. 

Colorado Traffic Housing
Photo by Johannes Andersson of Unsplash
7.  Traffic and Housing

For the past four years there has been a major influx of people moving to Colorado Springs.  Therefore, traffic has increased dramatically, causing many more accidents.  Also, housing prices are at an all time high, and people are finding it difficult to rent or buy. 

Colorado Jeep Ford Nissan
Photo by Neonbrand of Unsplash
8.  4-Wheel Drives

Jeeps,  Ford F150s, and Nissan Xterras own these streets out here.  They are everywhere you look.  I suppose this just comes with living near the mountains.  These vehicles must be in high demand in mountain living communities. 

Colorado Training Olympic Center
Photo by Charles Deluvio of Unsplash
9.  Home of the U.S. olympic training center

It’s no wonder that a high percentage of people in Colorado Springs are fit, healthy, and active.  You can never drive anywhere without seeing a runner or a biker in professional attire.  They are constantly moving, and practicing the art of their particular sport.

Colorado Hiking Trails
Photo by Julie Zbornik
10.  Hiking, biking, rock climbing and more

The photo above is one of tons of trails we’ve taken out here.  In future posts I hope to explain some of the experiences we’ve had on different trails.  There are about 500 miles of trails in Colorado Springs.  Some trails are for hikers and dogs.  Many allow horse back riding, and tons of trails for mountain bikers.  They range anywhere from level, easy, slow walking trails to very steep, difficult and dangerous trails.  

In conclusion:

Except for the higher cost of food,  heavier traffic and high housing costs, Colorado Springs is a beautiful place.  It’s colorful, mountainous, and has spectacular scenery and wildlife.  The trails are simply amazing and they give you the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.Colorado John Muir Hiking MountainsHope you all have a great day and see you next time!!!