5 Reasons I Love Drawing And Why It’s Good For You

 5 Reasons Why I Love Drawing

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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Be Creative

1.  You temporarily forget about your worries
       The very minute you engage in drawing you are focused on what you are doing, and therefore, not on anything else.  Your emotions change and you feel a sense of relief.  Then, when you draw, your worries fly out of the window!  Start creating on that blank medium!

2.  You Learn To Really Look At Your Surroundings
       As a result in creating new pieces of artwork, you start to see all the beauty around you, and in every little thing.  In addition you pay attention to nature and the beauty in the simplest of things.  Like beholding the grand loveliness of a new bird on your bird feeder or really taking a closer look at a sunflower.

3.  You Override Racial, Cultural, Religious and Language Barriers
       Any piece of artwork created in this universe tells it’s own story.  Consequently art relays information and ideas by the creator that cannot otherwise be expressed in words.  Art is a universal language like giving flowers to someone to convey feelings.

4.  You Can Use Your Self- Expression
         Through creative self-expression you begin to grow and expand your existing world.  You begin to gain self-awareness.  It starts becoming easier to resolve problems and enhance your
 over-all well-being.

5.  You Can Develop Something That Never Existed Before And Be Proud Of It
       Whatever is inside your head transfers to your medium of choice.
  It skyrockets your self-esteem and nurtures your soul. You can proudly let the world know this is your artwork and unique only to you!

Hope you liked 5 reasons I love drawing and;

in closing, there are countless types of artwork.  Of course you might draw with pastels.  Or you may paint with various mediums, like oils, acrylics, or watercolor.  You could paint murals inside or outside.  Perhaps you like coloring books. Possibly you like to sketch with pencils or graphite.  Finally, and above all else, just remember to have fun with the process and enjoy!!! 

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