Elderly People Rock

Elderly Couples Love Fun
Photo by Nathalia Bariani of Unsplash
Old people rock

I absolutely adore the elderly, and always have.  You just know, intuitively they have been through hell and back.  They’ve been through all sorts of natural disasters.  Like floods,  fires,  tornadoes, earthquakes,  mudslides,  ice-storms, wind storms and so forth.  

So many have suffered all sorts of ailments in their lifetimes.  Broken bones,  hemorrhoids,  cancer,  diabetes, auto-immune diseases.  Also,  high blood pressure, asthma,  depression,  eczema,  tooth decay,  acid reflux,  the flu,  colds, and the list goes on.

They have been in several accidents.  Perhaps tormented by a car crash,  a fall,  a boating incident, or any kind of other misfortune. 

Many have been robbed,  or scammed, or beaten.  Tormented by evil sorts who have zero compassion.

Almost every elderly person I’ve have the pleasure to meet or know are very kind,  yet do not mince words.  They are usually quiet, and never belittle you.  Occasionally, they speak their minds, because well……….the way I see it,  they certainly earned this right.  And this is why I always respect anyone older than myself.

My first remembrance

Every week our family always went to church.  We usually sat in the same pew, behind Mr. and Mrs. Tekippe.  They both donned very grey hair and Mr. Tekippe walked slowly with a cane.  It was a particularly special Sunday in May, as the Virgin Mary was to be crowned.  As a 7 year old, services seemed like forever, and I always squirmed.  That morning my little tummy hurt.  I created a “oh no” uniform congregation  whisper.  Just as the honorary was placing the wreath on Mary, I stood up and puked on Alois Tekippe’s right shoulder.  

My second recollection

This time I was 15.  My grandma had passed, so I spent a summer taking care of grandpa, Frank.  Hunching over Grandpa walked “by the inch.”  It was a 5 minute trek for him to get from the bedroom to the kitchen.  And it was a small home.  I look back now, and laugh so hard, because I can’t imagine how he could ever been so kind to me.  The only recipe I knew how to make at that time was creole pork chops.  That poor man endured a couple months of eating the same exact supper without once complaining.  Sorry Grandpa!

the elderly deserve respect

Finally, I would like to say, please give people older than you a chance.  After all, they have most likely experienced way more than you have.  Some older people will tell you what’s on their mind.  I don’t blame them.  Just let them say their peace, and move on.  The best way to understand them, is to simply visit them.  Sit down and have a heart to heart.  I have found they are extraordinary story-tellers, and you may be excited to get some worthy advice from them.  

Hope you enjoyed today’s post, and until next time…..have a beautiful day!