Heavy Meat Eater Considering Plant Based Foods?

Want to Eat More PlANT BAsed Foods?plant based veggies vegetables foods

It can be difficult for any meat eater to know where to start when it comes to eating plant based foods.  Especially if you hate veggies on top of it.   I know it was very difficult for me, and I actually always liked vegetables.  It turned out to be a fun, but difficult journey. 

Living a plant based lifestyle is becoming easier and easier all the time.  There are so many new brands to try.  For meat eaters who hate veggies, you can try substituting Beyond Meat.  I personally tried their new Beyond Burger and it was very good.  It tastes and looks like a regular burger.  You can listen to tons of reviews on You Tube.

Beyond Burger Vegan Protein foods
The Beyond Burger

This wonderful company also carries many other items.  I have personally used their feisty beef crumbles for tacos or spaghetti sauce.  And used their regular beef crumbles for making beef stroganoff.  They make tasty substitutions.  Therefore  just swap out regular animal meat with them, and you will help save an innocent animal’s life. 

As a former heavy meat eater I know it’s very hard, so I took it slowly and went vegetarian first.  Then, much later I became vegan.  Actually, two of the things I stopped eating about half the way into my journey was mayonaise and butter.  There are two great substitutions that I highly recommend.  The mayo is from Follow Your Heart  and is called Vegenaise.  The butter I buy is from the company Earth Balance and to me, tastes better than butter made from animals.   

Some Recipes to try for Meat eaters who hate veggies.

Mac and Cheese Vegan Mac and Cheese Tasty Delicious foodsYou can get the recipe from Lindsay here.

Pasta BologneseBolognese Pasta Tasty Vegan foodsYou can get the recipe from Jennifer here.

Beef StroganoffBeef Stroganoff Vegan Tasty Protein foodsYou can get the recipe from Catherine here.

 ChiliChili Vegetarian Vegan Crumbles Protein foodsYou can get the recipe from Corey here.

Tacostaco veggies vegan tacos protein beef crumbles foodsYou can find the recipe by Kosmic Blues here.

So, in conclusion, there are many products now available for meat eaters to introduce more plant based foods.   Try just swapping out animal protein in just one dish a week.  It’s a healthy way to help you get started on your plant based path.  Have fun! 

Disclaimer:  I am currently not endorsed by any of the companies mentioned in this article.