Do You Have Gluten Sensitivity?

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Photo by Fleur Treurniet of Unsplash
Are you sensitive to gluten?

Gluten is a crazy thing, and I’m just beginning to learn about it now.  So, please follow along……as I have a story to share with you.  And hopefully we can start to understand this mystery, together, as it unravels.

diagnosed with proctitis

Recently,  I was diagnosed with proctitis, which is an inflammation of the rectum.  Along with an external inflamed hemorrhoid.   It’s difficult to describe the pain.  Every bowel movement is painful.  And, after each,  the only minor relief is limping into a very warm bathtub.  Then, there is a constant pressure throughout the day in your abdomen and groin area.  It’s difficult to concentrate on anything, whatsoever.  Just doing simple, daily tasks are difficult.  And forget about sleeping.  That’s your entire focus:  the pain.

urgent care

I thought it would go away on it’s own…….but a very long one month later, I couldn’t take the pain anymore.  So, I finally went to the local urgent care facility.  They diagnosed the proctitis, and inflamed hemorrhoid, and had me follow up with a gastroenterology specialist.  In the interim, they prescribed hydrocortizone suppositories, which helped the pain briefly subside.  But, they did not fully make the pain go away, and was still taking sitz baths.  

visit to gastroenterology specialist

So, my next stop was to the G.I. people.  I discovered, by surprise,  some relatives of mine have had celiac disease.  So, the nice lady doctor took two blood samples.  One to see if I had celiac disease, and the other to see if I had it in my DNA.  

The results

Fortunately, I do not have celiac disease.  Unfortunately, according to the specialist,  I am at moderate to high risk for getting celiac disease.  And, she told me, once you get the disease, there’s no way to reverse it.  So, she suggested I stop eating anything with gluten immediately, and return to her in one month.  

going gluten-free

As gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant folks know,  you must read the labels.  Finding gluten free foods is not the easiest task.  Especially, when you are vegan, or already on a restricted diet of some sort.  As I said, I’m new to this completely gluten free stuff.  So, perhaps, if you also need to eat gluten free,  we can help each other out.  I’ve been eating gluten free, three days now, and amazingly, I’m already feeling better.

examples of things I ate

1.  Spaghetti squash topped with homemade tomato sauce and mushrooms. 

2.  Mashed potatoes (with almond milk and vegan butter) topped with delicious vegan shiitake/button mushroom gravy.

3.  Potato salad with vegan mayo.

4.  Lots of whole fruits and veggies.  Like oranges, pears,  nectarines,  celery sticks, homemade guacamole, etc.


I have learned, in a very short period of time, that SO many processed foods, include gluten, it’s astounding!  I also learned I need to find a way to make homemade, gluten-free garlic bread.  Garlic bread is one of my all time favorite foods!  It’s very hard to live without bread products.  So, now, I get to be creative and learn how to intake food that my body appreciates.

you and gluten

If you have celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity/intolerance, please share your story with me.  Perhaps we can help each other and others, struggling with this problem.  We can share our thoughts and maybe some recipes, and walk this journey together.

Hope you liked today’s post and until next time,  have a wonderful day!

“After I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I said yes to food, with great enthusiasm. . . . I vowed to taste everything I could eat, rather than focusing on what I could not.”
Shauna James Ahern