20 Lessons I Have Learned Doing Stupid Things

swimming pool lessons pee
Photo by Oshomah Abubakar of Unsplash

This is certainly not an exhaustive list.  But through many stupid things I’ve done and was a massive failure at, it’s o.k. to make mistakes.  It’s the only way we learn from the world’s lessons, grow and succeed.

Never Pee in a Public Swimming Pool

It feels great to pee in a public pool, but don’t do it.  Do you want someone else’s pee in your face?  Or mouth?  Chlorine really isn’t the answer for this.  Lessons learned.  

Never Lie

Lying never helps.  Tell the truth no matter what.  It might hurt people, initially, but they will feel better knowing the truth.  

Never store your tampons where your dogs can get to them

When you see tampons shredded into bits, you will know what I mean.  

Turn the electricity off Prior to working on an outlet

You will finally know you were not meant to be an electrician.  

Don’t spit into a policeman’s face

If you don’t want to go to jail, don’t do it.

Don’t wear shorts when walking through poison ivy

This is when you should listen to your mom.  If she tells you to wear pants when hunting morel mushrooms in the woods, do it.  

Don’t park where someone else has already shoveled out the snow

They shovel out a parking space, and throw in a couple milk crates to hold their spot.  Just……don’t do it.  They shoveled it out.  It’s theirs.  

Unless you want all your cash stolen, never let your roomie’s strange friends stay overnight

Crazy, but true.  

Don’t sled down an icy hill that sits in front of a building

If you do, you will run into the building and smash your face on the sled.  And perhaps, almost break your nose.  

Don’t stick a wheel from a toy car up your nostrils

I did this when I was about 4 years old.  Mom rushed me to the hospital, and some doctor pulled the wheel out with a pair of tweezers.  I was so happy the doctor got that big wheel out of my nostrils, because I could breathe again.  

don’t take a left turn from a right hand lane

Don’t do it.  Just don’t. 

When can opener doesn’t work properly, Don’t try to force tin can open with fingers

Self-explanatory.  Ouch.

Don’t eat a huge burrito right before rush hour traffic

Your tummy will thank you.

Don’t do demolition work in sandals

You’re feet will thank you.

Don’t smoke a joint with your cousins and walk through a cornfield at night

Talk about paranoia!  

Never Lick a Frozen Water pipe

You’re tongue will thank you.

Don’t put out an electrical fire with water

You can see why in the short video here.

Don’t bike ride for 5 hours in a bikini on a 100 degree humid day

Your back will thank you for not blistering for a week.

Never Laugh when You’re under water drowning

Yep.  Also true.  Was inner tubing down a river.  My friend made me laugh so hard, I fell into the current.  My bikini top got caught on a tree branch under the water.  And I was still laughing.  Duh!

Lastly, #20 Lessons Learned:  Never eat a pack of saltines without water near by

You’re throat will thank you.

Yes.  We all make mistakes.  But this is how we learn and maintain knowledge for future issues that somehow always arise.  So, get you’re groove on, and keep movin’ on!