10 Important People We Sometimes Forget To Thank

Thank Thank You Thank You notes
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In this time of high technology it’s so easy to email or call someone.  But doesn’t it feel great when you receive a genuine hand written thank you note?  It feels good to write them too.

Who are the people to Thank
Thank Mom Dad Parents
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#1.  Mom And Dad

Thank the parents who raised you before it’s too late.  These are the people who you pretty much put through hell, at least for 18 years.  They fed you, provided a roof over your head, changed your smelly diapers, and paid for any extracurricular activities.  They sewed or provided clothing and warm coats.  They got you out of trouble a gazillion times, and comforted you when needed.  The best part about parents, is they are always giving and they never ask for anything in return.  

Thank Mail Carrier Mailman Postman Mail Woman
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#2.  Mail carrier

Just think about what crazy weather conditions these people have to endure in order for you to get mail.  In the winter, it’s icy, slick and dangerous.  In the summer, many times they are in hot, humid, unbearable heat conditions.  I once saw a mail carrier drive through flooded streets, in order to get someone their mail.  Thank them.  They deserve it.

Thank Classroom Teachers Teacher Education Educators
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#3.  Teachers

Thank any educators who have taught you anything of value in your life.  Your music teacher.  Your sports director.  Your art instructor.  Your mentor.  Your favorite grade school and high school teachers.  These are some of the very people who got you where you are in this life.  Thank them for bringing you knowledge.

Thank Waiter Waitress Bartender Server
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#4.  Waiters, Waitresses, DrinkTenders

These people are on their feet all shift long.  They work endlessly to serve you exactly what you want to eat or drink.  They smile for you even when they may be having an awful day or off night.  Respect them and thank them for providing you an excellent service.  After all, you’re there because you didn’t feel like cooking, or just wanting to be served a drink. 

House Cleaner Maid Home Cleaner
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#5.  House Cleaner

If you are people that are lucky enough to have someone else clean your home, please write them a thank you note.  They work hard to make your house sparkly clean and a nice place to live.  They do a lot behind the scenes before they even get there.  Constantly buying new products,  unloading and reloading the car with many products, and often spend quite a lot on gas just going to and from.  They deserve some thanks.

Babysitter Nanny Petsitter
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#6.  Babysitter or Petsitter

These people should get a world of thanks.  They make sure your baby and/or your pets are always there for you when you return home.  They provide you the ability to be away from home and know that your loved ones will be cared for.  They deserve some major appreciation.

veterinarian pets cats dogs vets animals horses
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#7.  Veterinarian

These people are miracle workers.  They provide your pet with all the pertinent shots they need to maintain a healthy life.  They are care givers and many times save the lives of dying pets.  They are our pet heroes so we can live a happy life along side our furries.

Grocery Clerk Check out line Store clerk
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#8.  Grocery clerk/Grocery baggers

These people are also on their feet every day or night.  They smile and ring up your groceries.  Clerks and baggers have many duties that customers can’t see, and are always busy.  These workers must have very strong arms to lift groceries all day long and place them in bags for you.  Let them know they are appreciated.

Hairdresser Barber Hair Stylist Hair Cut
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#9.  Hair stylist or Barber

These people provide a way to help you make yourself look great.  They also stand for much of their time in the salon or barber shop.  You can walk out of their establishment feeling like a brand new person.  They studied hard at what they learned and should be thanked for improving our lives.

Electric Volts Electrician Wires
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#10.  Electricians

And finally, electricians should be thanked.  This is truly from a personal experience.  The power went out in one of the rooms in our home recently.  We called our electricians (husband & wife team) and so happy we did.  They replaced four outlets and said if we hadn’t changed them, it was an electric fire waiting to happen.  We are so grateful to them for potentially saving our lives.  Our dogs lives.  Our home and perhaps even our neighbors lives. 

In conclusion, this list is by no means exhaustive.  Just simply thank the people you are grateful to for making your life easier.