Thanks To Those Who Rescue Animals

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Photo by Courtney Hedger of Unsplash
I Wanted To Thank The kind people who rescue animals

It’s Christmas time and another holiday for giving thanks.  When we see animals rescued it brings joy to our hearts.  I wanted to share 10 videos I love to watch.  I highly commend the kind, beautiful people who tirelessly rescue innocent animals from the meat and dairy industries.  And just rescue them from whatever harm they are being exposed to.  

1.  Rescued cow cuddles with his family

This is such a sweet story.  This is a male cow, named Elizabeth.  Enjoy this video by “The Dodo” here.

2.  Rescued dairy cow hides newborn because she thinks all humans steal calves.

Edgar’s Mission rescued Clairabelle (sorry…..I don’t know the spelling.)  You can watch this lovely story by b/60 here.

3.  My ex-battery hens/Rescue Chickens Before and after

English Vegan rescued four chickens named Effie, Mary, Eileen and Sybil and you can see the video  here.

4.  Rescued hens from Egg farm free for first time

3000 chickens saved and you can view this wonderful video by Animal Place here.

5.  Rescued bear’s shocking transformation

Poor Fifi spent 30 long agonizing years inside a cage.  It’s so wonderful to see this new, happy, fulfilling life, by watching Peta’s video here.

6. one of the most amazing horse starvation recoveries you will ever see

See this moving story of Scarlett by WV Horse here.

7.  Eight Pigs Rescued After Lifetime of torture

Helga Tacreiter from the Cow Sanctuary is a beautiful person, and these rescue pigs will make you smile.  Video by Peta, here.

8.  rescued goats jumping for joy at farm sanctuary

Nothing like seeing a bunch of happy and free goats!  You can see the video by Farm Sanctuary here.

9.  More than 80 rabbits rescued from backyard breeder

Wonderful story of rescued rabbits by Peta to be adopted out, you can see here.

10.  Beagles after a life in a laboratory

This video is very touching.  It’s by CA Opanheiro and you can see it here.

In conclusion,  I would like to say, there are thousands of people helping to rescue animals on a daily basis.  We want to say thank you for all your continuous efforts for saving countless animals.  You are the stars of the animal loving world.

Lastly,  I apologize for any mistakes or misspellings in this post.

Until next time,  have a great, beautiful and healthy day!