10 Inspiring Websites That Changed My Life


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Photo by Elke Karin Lugert on Upsplash

10 Inspiring Websites And People Who Changed My Life

This is the inspiring list and the reasons I chose them.  I like them all equally, in their own ways, so I listed them randomly.

 1.  Zen Habits by Leo Babauta

Leo Babauta is a minimalist, vegan, author and very inspiring.  His website is very minimalistic, calming and he provides a ton of inspiring information.  You can visit his website here.

2.  One Green Planet by co-founders Nil Zacharias & Preeta Sinha

One Green Planet has an extensive format.  They also have many great contributors to the site with everything from vegan recipes, helping to rescue animals, and life strategies in general. Unfortunately I was unable to create a link due to a glitch. However,  if you type in www.onegreenplanet.org you should have no problem finding it.

 3.  Change.org 

Change.org is simply a platform to help change the world for the better.  You can build a petition, or sign petitions.  And they have already had tons of signed petition victories.  You can visit the website here.

 4.  Olives for Dinner by Erin

Erin is a super creative vegan providing us all with her wonderful, innovative recipes and photos of the dishes.  You can visit her website here.

 5.  Adaptt by Gary Yourofsky

Gary is an aggressive animal activist.  I relate to him personally because he grew up in the Midwest as well.  Some people find him too out-spoken but I love his candor and honesty.  You can visit his website here.

6.  Mad Cowboy Howard Lyman

Former Montana cattle rancher turned vegan and food safety activist.  I hope he motivates you too!  I could not find an active website, but you can see his documentary here.

7.  Create N Plate by Amanda Smith

Amanda is highly creative and develops her own plant-based recipes.  Many of her plant based desserts are chocolate and super delish.  And it’s fun to just follow her on her journey, including beautiful photos.  You can visit her website here.

8.  Hope For Paws founded by Audrey and Eldad Hagar

Hope For Paws is an animal rescue.  They have tons of inspiring rescue videos on You Tube and you can visit their website here.

9.  Megan Elizabeth

Megan Elizabeth is a vegan who transformed her own life.  She is downright funny and has many valuable videos on You Tube.  One of the first ones I ever watched is hysterical and can be found here. She is currently building her new website, but you can find it here.

10.  The Humane Society of The United States

Finally, The Humane Society, as all of us probably knows, has rescue facilities all over the country to help rescue ill animals and lost pets and then help find them loving homes.  They also help all sorts of wildlife and you can visit their website here.

In closing I would like to say, every one of these people and websites helped me learn to live a more inspiring lifestyle. I hope you enjoy and experience that one person can really make a positive difference and change the lives of so many.