Imagine The World Without Factory Farms

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Factory Farms and Death

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What is the purpose of factory farms? The aim of factory farms is to breed, and raise innocent animals in small, cramped, offensive conditions for profit. Hence, meat, eggs and dairy is harvested in terrible conditions for public consumption. Mostly, factory farmers kill chickens, cows and pigs. Although, there are other less known factory farms with sheep and goats and other voiceless beings.

Furthermore, these farmers don’t care about animal welfare. Here’s a peak inside one of these horrible factory farms. Be warned: this is highly graphic and difficult to view. Undercover at Smithfield Foods. And countless other factory farms, kill and torture animals daily. Indeed, ten million terrified souls, receive this death sentence, annually.

As a result of this, I’m certain you can imagine the mental state of these farm workers. Surely, they can’t possibly sleep peacefully, knowing they bludgeoned innocent beings to death the entire day. Or, pushed the buttons to slam and mutilate them between big steel plates. What horrific ways to die.

All About Big Ag Factory Farms and Greed

Slaughtering sentient beings on a continuous basis, is unconscionable. Besides, living as such, is a very destructive and depressing way of life. Money, power, and greed becomes massive in scale. This is how the vicious circle goes:

  • Inhumane conditions exist within these places.
  • Animals are slain by the cruelest means at a young age
  • Sick animals are killed for our consumption, as well.
  • They are shipped dead to the butcher shops to chop into sections
  • bloody parts are neatly packaged into “nice” sounding categories like “sirloin steak, pork chops, bacon, and chuck roasts.”
  • We buy and consume dead animals.
  • To restore our health to no avail, clinical doctors get rich.
  • Sickness and diseases rampantly emerge.
  • In the end, the big ag and pharmaceutical companies get filthy rich.
  • And, the rest of us all get sick and go broke trying to mend our health.

The Difference Between Animal and Plant Foods

Photo by Lebensmittelfotos of Pixabay
Photo by Stenholtz of Pixabay (Vegan)

You can see for yourself, there’s an alarming amount of fat and grease in the hamburger photo. Grease and cholesterol will, in fact, clog your arteries. And over time, that build up comes with devastating health consequences. A healthier dish like the one on the bottom, is by far the better choice.

Furthermore, check out these amazing recipes at Forks over Knives website. Then take a look at how Brian Wendel transitioned to plant based.

How The Future Would Look

Factory farms are detrimental to our earth. Consequently, ridding this world of them, people will live longer. Animals will live freely as they should. You can imagine fields of happy pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animals. Thus, all living beings will smile and be free from harm. This Mercy for Animals Video is exactly the way the future can be.

Furthermore, there have been remarkable transformations of reversal of diseases eating healthy whole plant foods. You can perhaps discontinue going to doctors and taking pills. Your stamina and vitality will increase ten-fold after a short period of switching.

Paul Chatlin is a wonderful example of reversing heart disease. Accordingly, he has two very informational videos regarding his lifestyle change. The first one is Eating Plant Based Saved Him From Surgery. The second video is as follows: Former Meat Lover Heals Heart With Plant Based Diet.

Finally, let’s all take the opportunity to give voice to animals, and create your best and healthiest life. In truth, factory farms must GO!!!

Until next post, have a beautiful day and happy eating!